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My Bio Birthdays

I'm 24 now... here's how my birthdays went:

I was born in Portsmouth, VA but only lived there for 1.5 years. I moved to Virginia Beach, VA and was raised there until I was 10.
Age 0-5, I don't remember my birthday parties at those ages.

Age 6, my birthday was at home. It took place in the front yard on a picnic table. My aunt, uncle, mom, dad, grandma, 2 of my sisters, and 3 of my cousins were there. I wanted a heart shaped ice cream cake for my birthday and actually got one!

*In June, between ages 6-8, a 4th cousin of mine was born.

Age 7, my birthday was at home. This time, it took place in the kitchen. Only my mom, dad, grandma, and 2 of my sisters were there. I got a surprise party and remember getting these pretty nail polishes that peeled right off after they dried on- kids' nail polish!

Age 8, my birthday was at a park, called Princess Anne Park, in Virginia Beach, VA. I got a birthday cake with piano keys drawn on it with a gel decor. The frosting was a whipped cream type- the best tasting cake ever! I also got a couple of Barbie dolls and lots of Barbie clothes. My mom, dad, aunt, uncle, many of their friends and their kids, 2 of my sisters, 3 of my cousins, and grandma were there. This was my biggest birthday party ever. At the end of the party, we all went to a beach (can't remember which one), but we were there for only 20 minutes... to watch the sun set.

Age 9, my birthday was at home. I was in the dining room. My mom, dad, aunt, uncle, 2 of my sisiters, 3 of my cousins, and some of the neighbors were there. This was the 2nd bigest birthday party. I got a couple of Barbie dolls, a couple of Barbie clothes, many Little Mermaid goodies (I was a big fan of Arie and The Little Mermaid).

In December, between ages 9 and 10, a 3rd sister if mine was born.

Age 10, I was given surprise party from 1 of my cousins and a neighbor. This took place in the back yard. My mom, 2 of my sisters, 2 of my cousins, and a few neighbors wre there.
*My family, even my aunt and uncle's side, moved to Summerville, SC before my birthday occured. My grandma remained in VA.

Age 11-13, I don't remember my birthday parties at those ages.

Ages 14-16, I stopped celebrating my birthdays. I didn't care if I did or not... just as long as I had a good day, I was fine!

Ages 17-22, I recieved money from my dad and a couple of cards from my mom, dad, and sisiters.

Ages 23 and 24, I didn't celebrate my birthday.

**When I turn 25, I hope to have a big birthday bash at my job!!**


My Occupation

I am currently self-employed at Pure Gold, in Wilmington, NC. For more information, visit or contact the following:

143 South College Rd
Wilmington NC 28403
(910) 452-2228

My Hobbies

*not in order*

Playing piano/keyboard
The beach
Watching funny movies
Giving people makeovers
The Internet
Putting on shows
Get togethers

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